Sunglass season is upon us!  Have you ever seen a pair of sunglasses on someone else that look great but no so great on you?

They say that you might not be choosing the right frames for your face. Here are the four most common face shapes, and the type of sunglasses that look the best.

If your face is ROUND . . . tryr sunglasses with rectangular frames, because they add definition to your face and make it look longer and thinner. Circular frames do the opposite and just make your face look even rounder.

If you have a SQUARE face . . . you'ew best to get something round or oval-shaped. It's okay if they're flat along the top of the frames. But the bottom of the frames should be curved.

If you have an OVAL face almost any type of sunglasses work. An oval face usually means you have a narrow forehead, a narrow jaw line, high cheekbones, and a narrow chin.

If you have a HEART-SHAPED face . . . meaning a wide forehead, narrow jaw line, and a narrow chin you should go for frames that are bottom-heavy, like aviators.