It's amazing the mess we make on a daily basis.  It's so bad that we spend almost two hours a day, every day, cleaning.

According to a new survey from PR Newswire, the average American adult spends 13 hours a week cleaning.  Women bring that average up . . . cleaning 15.6 hours per week . . . men bring that average down . . . cleaning 10.2 hours per week.

That means there's a difference of 5.4 hours of cleaning per week between the genders.  Over the course of a year, that means women clean 11.7 full days more than men.

At an average of 13 hours a week over your entire adult life, that comes out to 40,560 hours of cleaning . . . or about four-and-a-half full years of your life spent on cleaning.  Maybe it's worth it to hire a maid, huh?