Yesterday Apple unveiled a 128GB fourth generation iPad. Assuming you have a spare $800 burning a hole in your pocket, or Uncle Sam has awarded you a very good tax return, you can own this monstrous iPad Tuesday, February 5th.

128GB... Do you really need that much space?

We've already talked about how much data you really need, and I can honestly say that I don't need anywhere near 128GB of storage. I had a 32GB iPhone 4 for two years and never even came close to filling it up. But I utilized iTunes Match and Cloud services for all of my media so there was never a song or movie stored locally on my device.

When I purchased my iPad 2 last year, I opted for the 16GB version, and my new iPhone 5 is only 16GB as well. I tend to have to curate apps a bit to stay within my allotted space, but it's never that bad.

So how much space do you really need?