Here’s a tough one for you.

I got the evil eye the other day when I was talking to some friends about teenagers and house rules.

They have a teenage daughter and her boyfriend comes by to visit from time to time.  They said that at 17, their daughter was entitled to a little bit of privacy and when he stops by; they allow her to close the door to her bedroom.

Say what?  I wouldn’t let my son have a girlfriend over behind closed doors for a second.  He’s a great kid and all but no way! At least not without top of the line military surveillance in his room. 

Now, I’ve met their daughter.  She seems like a great kid.  She gets straight A’s and she’s involved in several activities with her church.  They seem to have a done a really great job raising her.

And it’s certainly none of my business to tell them how to raise children.  Who am I to criticize?  I have a 17-year-old and a 12-year-old and most days I feel like raising them is a lot like pulling on a slot machine at Cactus Petes… You win some, you lose some. 

Am I being too strict?  Would you let your kid have a boyfriend or girlfriend in their bedroom or any other room with the door closed?  Where do you draw the line for privacy with your teenagers? 

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