I have noticed that a lot of people are in Twin Falls for the holidays and it seems like they have been in town all week. Millions of people awkwardly staying together under one roof.  So . . . how long is TOO LONG to stay with your family over the holidays?

In a new survey in USA Today, the most popular answer was . . . four to six nights.  One week was the second-most popular answer.  But about one in six people say there's NO amount of time that's too long to stay with your family.

People picked the shower and bathroom schedule as the most difficult part of having the whole family under one roof.  The second-most difficult part is relatives who ask too many questions.

And finally, 70% of people say they'd rather stay at a HOTEL than with their family.  But either because of the money or because of the GUILT, they end up staying at the house.