I love to grill.  My problem is, I'm not always very good at it. I can usually turn out a good product but my results are sometimes inconsistent.

I do a pretty good job choosing meat and picking seasoning and marinades.   I can grill up what I think is a pretty killer medium to medium well steak but when it comes to a well done steak, I'm completely missing the mark.  My wife and my daughter only eat well done steak.  NO PINK ALLOWED.  My challenge is that when I cook a well done steak, it might taste good but is dry... really dry.

I'm almost convinced it's not possible to cook a well done steak that's not dry but on the show today, you said it can be done.  Here were some of the tips that you shared.

  • Pull it off the grill when it's still a little pink inside and let it sit.  The meat will continue to cook off the grill but be less likely to dry out.
  • Sear on a high heat, then reduce heat and flip it often.
  • Cook with a meat thermometer.  Don't use look and color to determine if the steak is ready to be pulled off the grill.  Use the temperature as your gauge.

I'll try all of these and let you know how it goes.  What are your tricks for cooking a well done steak that's still juicy?  Comment and share your tricks.