My wife and I gave Jack a kitten for his 4th birthday on Monday. It's a tiny, gray, and furry little thing that he's dubbed "Fuzz." So far we're having the hardest time convincing him that Fuzz isn't a toy, and doesn't like to fly. Jack also thinks that Fuzz must be partially Tigger because he likes to "boing."

I've had cats before, and luckily they have been litterbox trained. Fuzz, however, is not. And beside picking him up and putting him in his box it occurs to me that I have no idea how to litterbox train a kitten.

How do you do it? Is it like a puppy? Some say rub their noses in it, while others say that makes them more likely to hide? I know I wouldn't want my nose rubbed in poo. I have no idea.

Tips from around the 'Net:

  • Make it a ritual. Take the cat at set times and after eating, playing, or napping.
  • Praise the cat when it uses the litterbox.
  • Don't discipline the cat when there's a mistake.
  • Keep the litterbox in the same place.
  • Place a bit of urine or feces behind the box so the cat can remember where to go.
  • Make sure the litterbox fits the cat. The bigger, the better.

Those are just some of the tips I found on a Google search. It seems pretty straight forward. About 15 to 20 minutes after the cat eats, place them in the litterbox and keep them in there. If they start sniffing the rug, they're probably looking for a place to poo, and schedule feeding times so you know when your kitten will need the litterbox.

I'm just tired of stepping on kitten poo already. So what's the best way to litterbox train a kitten?