When I think about being old and how times have changed - I don't think I fully grasp how much has really changed in 30 years! If you look at the cool kids from the 80's with their fancy CD players and T-Top Trans Ams and compare them to the cool kids today - there are huge differences and your cool 80's kids become more like regular kids. How do status symbols from the 80's compare to today?

Here's What Was Cool In The 80's (these seem like things everybody has today)

  • A car phone.
  • A dishwasher.
  • Sending your kids to private school (this is the only thing that is on both lists)
  • Having two cars.
  • Going overseas for a vacation.
  • Having a sunroom.
  • Owning a horse.
  • A color TV.
  • Diamond jewelry.
  • Having a cordless phone.

Here's What Is Cool Today

  • A fancy car.
  • A designer watch.
  • A swimming pool.
  • Flying first class.
  • Owning a second home - interesting note here - a fancy house today would run you $1 Million...in the 80's a $78,000 house was considered fancy.
  • Having a tennis court.
  • Sending your kids to private school.
  • Having a vacation home.
  • A home with electric front gates.
  • A nanny.