I personally can't watch the

annual Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest...but that doesn't mean ESPN didn't cover the entire contest yesterday, in Coney Island, New York.  There were some twists this year, though.  Here's the full rundown for your gorging pleasure . . . 

The New York Daily News reported the winner for the fifth straight year, 27-year-old JOEY CHESTNUT of San Jose, California won the contest.  He ate SIXTY-TWO hot dogs and buns in 12 minutes.  It was easily enough for the win but fell short of his world record of 68.

KOBAYASHI'S ALTERNATE COMPETITION.  As good as Chestnut is, he still isn't as famous as 33-year-old TAKERU KOBAYASHI, the Japanese guy who used to win the contest every year.

Kobayashi wasn't allowed to compete this year, because he won't sign an exclusive contract with the Major League Eating federation.  So he held his own contest on the South Street Seaport in New York and ate SIXTY NINE hot dogs.

Since it wasn't part of the official contest it won't count as a world record . . . but it's just gearing up for one hell of a showdown between Chestnut and Kobayashi.  They are CLEARLY the top two competitive eaters in the world.

THE WOMEN'S EVENT.  This year, for the first time ever, Nathan's held a separate contest for women only.

43-year-old SONYA "THE BLACK WIDOW" THOMAS won by eating 40 hot dogs . . . more than 10 ahead of her nearest competitor.