Yesterday, I was leaving home after lunch and I saw a woman dragging her dead Christmas Tree from her house to the vacant lot next door.  C'mawn!  NOT cool!  Biodegradable or not, you can't dump your stuff on someone else's property, not to mention in broad daylight.  That takes some serious stones.

If you saw this, how would you handle it?  Would you say something or is it worth the drama?

By the way, if you need to ditch your tree, you have several options besides trespassing.

  • You can take your tree to the city recycling center 24/7.  It's located directly east of the Parks and Recreation Building near the Old Towne Bridge at 170 Maxwell.
  • If you live in Twin Falls, PSI will collect your tree as part of their regular curbside service.  All they ask is that you cut very large trees into manageable sections (4 feet or so.)