just released the results of a survey where they tried to connect people's pets to their careers.  And they were able to make these broad generalizations about the professional lives of different pet owners.  Check 'em out:

--Dogs.  Dog owners are the most likely to have a senior management position.  They're also likely to be professors, nurses, IT professionals, military professionals, or entertainers.

--Snakes or reptiles.  Snake owners are the most likely to earn six-figure salaries.  Common jobs are engineers, social workers, marketing and PR professionals, editors, writers, and police officers.

--Birds.  Bird owners report the highest job satisfaction.  Common jobs are advertising, sales reps, construction workers, and administrative professionals.

--Cats.  The most common jobs for cat owners are physicians, real estate agents, science and medical lab technicians, machine operators, and caretakers.

--Fish.  The most popular jobs for fish owners are in human resources, financial, hotel and leisure, farming, fishing and forestry, and transportation.