According to a survey from PR Newswire by, people are looking for ways to save money on their holiday shopping this year.  Here are five of the most popular ways to cut expenses:     

1.)  Two out of three people would cut out gifts for coworkers if money is tight.  And when it comes to cutting gifts, one in FIVE would skip buying a gift for their significant other before they skipped mom or dad.

2.)  Two thirds would stop splurging on THEMSELVES to save money . . . and 30% would only buy something for themselves if it was on sale.

3.)  63% of us would consider re-gifting to avoid buying a new gift for someone.

4.)  About half of us would buy gifts that are on sale . . . and would even include a gift receipt to let the recipient see how cheap we were.

5.)  One in three people would use credit card points or cash back to buy someone a gift instead of spending money.