Chase and LivingSocial have teamed up to give small businesses across the United States a chance at being awarded a $250,000 grant in Mission: Small Business. This is potentially life changing money, but it isn't a free hand out. To qualify for the grant, a business must obtain at least 250 votes from its fans, friends, and customers.

Kimberly Fitness Center in Kimberly is taking part in the challenge, and they need your votes to qualify.

Once a business receives 250 votes, they are put before a panel of judges who then decides if the business is eligible and qualifies for the grant. The grant money is intended to help small businesses grow by expanding, upgrading equipment, or improving a product or service.

Kimberly Fitness Center is a 24 Hour Access Fitness Center with strong bonds to the Kimberly Community. Robin, the owner, views this award as not only life changing for their business, but for the community as well and has been actively asking for votes on Kimberly Fitness Center's Facebook page.

You can help and it only takes a moment. Visit Mission: Small Business and vote for Kimberly Fitness Center. That's it!

Good luck to Kimberly Fitness Center!