There are a great many things about technology that make glorious sense: wireless internet, high definition television, and iPhones just to name a few. One of those things in technology that utterly boggles my mind: the Poke on Facebook.

Is it literally the digital equivalent to leaning over and poking your friend in the shoulder to get their attention? Remember when you were young and wanted to flirt with that person you liked so you hit them on the shoulder? Can it be like that? It also, frankly, sounds a little inappropriate at times.

I've seen people gamifying the poke by collecting them, and even openly asking Facebook friends to stop poking them. But what does it even mean?

Here's what the poke really means according to Facebook documentation:

The poke feature is intended to be a poke gesture (similar to "nudge" in instant messaging) to attract the attention of another user. Many Facebook users use this feature to attract attention or say "hello" to their friends.

Through the various Facebook "upgrades" the poke has become harder and harder to find, and now unless someone pokes me first I don't even know how to do it. I finally found it in the mobile app for iOS, but I had to dig down about four clicks to get there.

I don't get it, so I don't use it. This would be one of those Facebook features that I would be happy to see disappear forever. So are you a Facebook Poker?