When you were a kid, you probably had a dream about how your life was going to go.  And your life almost definitely has NOT turned out that way, even if your dream was more realistic than growing up to be either an astronaut or a caterpillar.

According to a new survey from Daily Mail / Today, about TWO out of FIVE people say their life has NOT MET their childhood dreams and expectations.

That's especially true for people under 34.  48% say life hasn't quite worked out as smoothly as planned.  Things get better as you get older and have a little more perspective.  Only 26% of people over 65 say their life didn't meet expectations.

26% of people started their career later than expected, 12% of people say they got married later than expected, 14% had kids later than expected, and 15% bought a house later than expected.

58% of people said that now that they're older, they realize the biggest key to having a rich life is having children.

One more semi-related note:  Another survey came out this weekend that found the average person worldwide says they need to make $161,000 a year to be happy.  But . . . the survey didn't ask people in the U.S.  ()