Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays at Townsquare Media – Twin Falls. There’s just friends, family, and more often than not, good food. Please take a moment today and think about what you’re thankful for in your life. Click through to read what each of our staff is thankful for.

Janice Degner | General Manager Townsquare Media – Twin Falls

I am thankful for my wonderful husband David who truly has had to have the patience of Job for putting up with me and my working schedule these past 2 years.

I am also thankful for the opportunity of working with a great bunch of people. I have a great team and I truly appreciate all the hard work and long hours everyone has put into keeping 95.7 KEZJ, KOOL 96.5, 98.3 The Snake & NewsRadio 1310 KLIX and our digital products the very best there is.

Terry Morgan | Digital Managing Editor & Middays 11 – 3 on 95.7 KEZJ

I’m thankful for my son Jack who makes every day a wonderful adventure, to my family who helped me through a difficult year, my radio station family who kept me sane, and my wife Natalie who continues to fight every single day.

Kelly Klaas | Top Story Co-Host, News Radio 1310 KLIX

I can’t imagine being without family.  Not only for the holiday period but any time.  From the wife and brothers and sister to the grand children.  The world can be a lonely place but having family around makes all the difference.  Don’t ever take your family for granted.  If they aren’t around you WILL miss them.

Jennifer Hudson | Account Executive

I am thankful for my wonderful husband, my two precious little girls, loving and supportive family and friends and for all of the many blessings in my life!  I thank God for these things each and every day!

Connie Lively | Business Manager

I’m thankful to God for the many blessings He’s given me. Family & the time to be with them at the holidays, good friends and a great bunch of co-workers I get to have fun with each day.

Jackie | 95.7 KEZJ Morning Show Co-host

I am thankful for my family and their health.  And the doorbusters at Best Buy. :)

Lisa Smith | Regional Account Manager

I am thankful for my husband Gregg’s endless patience, all of our children and grand children (Wow! When did that happen?!) our Idaho family of friends and our dog Simba who thinks I am the greatest person in the world… I can only try to be the person he thinks I am.

Nate Bird | Brand Manager and Mornings on KOOL 96.5

I’m grateful, thankful, and very appreciate of my wife and kids. Nothing keeps you sane like the craziness of kids… they are a daily reminder of how to be truly happy. I’m thankful for Christmas and Thanksgiving because wherever you find those two holidays, you also find eggnog. I’m grateful for and to Jesus Christ. And I appreciate Mt Dew for coming out with new flavors every few months to keep me happy.

Kendra Wolfe | 98.3 The Snake Brand Manager & Production Director & On 98.3 The Snake from 2P – 7P

As you can see by my extensive list of titles, I am thankful for my production assistants: Mary and Kat.  They help me get the job done everyday.  And they are helping me figure out how to manage people (I’m learning VERY slowly).  I am thankful for them, because with their help, I’m able to spend a nice long weekend with my family.

Kat | Traffic and Production

I’m thankful for cell phones with no long distance charges so I can talk to my sons in New Mexico  – and my hubby every day, so he can say goodnight to our daughter  while he’s away.  I’m thankful for my daughter for showing me what I didn’t know what was missing when I only had the boys. I’m thankful for a job that I really enjoy and hope will continue to challenge and reward me.

Mary Coakley – Programming Assistant

1. A job I enjoy coming to every day with some of the greatest people I’ve ever met (that would be this job). 2. A job that pays my bills (that would be Applebees). 3. The best and most supportive family I could ever ask for- and all the genuine, kind people in my life.4.  My car lasting another year (with only one bumper replacement and a few other…uh…minor issues). 5. Road construction on Washington being complete. 6. All the blessing that are way too many to count. God is good, and I’m thankful.

Amanda Miller/ Account Executive/Digital Media Specialist

Having God in my life, I would not be where I am without him.  I am thankful that my wonderful husband, Jeremy puts up with me and loves my despite my faults.  I am thankful for my two wonderful stepchildren, Kylee and Riley, they make me laugh and bring me great joy.  I am thankful for my job and my family at the radio station that give me the ability to provide.  Above all, I am thankful for my health and the health of my family!

Brad Weiser | Market Operations Manager

My wife. She puts up with my whacked schedule.  I don’t deserve her.  And without her, I wouldn’t know how to spend “our” money.  My healthy kids.  Powerschool website.  I can check my kids’ grades anytime!  Bwahahaha!

Cindy Torres | Traffic Manager

I am most thankful for my family, my husband and my son.  They have really been there for me this past year learning of health issues and all.  I am also very thankful for my job and the wonderful people I work with.

Charles Dawson | Account Executive

I’m thankful for an amazing job working with the best people I could ever ask for, and I’m thankful for my beautiful wife for being the most wonderful woman in the whole world… love you Ashley!

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at 95.7 KEZJ, KOOL 96.5, 98.3 The Snake, and News Radio 1310 KLIX!