Happy Birthday from GG’s Cakes and Confections by Genja!

We would like you to have one sweet birthday. Print out this email and take it to GG’s Cakes and Confections by Genja and get six (6) FREE CUPCAKES when you make an order of $25 or more.

Happy Birthday!

GG’s Cakes & Confections by Genja
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GG's Cakes and Confections by Genja

GG's Cakes and Confections by Genja got its start in sunny southern California suburb in 2000. "Grandma Genja" began to get many requests to sell her delicious creations.

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In 2006 GG's family moved to the beautiful Gem State of Idaho to the town of Buhl. GG's Cakes & Confections by Genja once again took off with incredible speed and she has been in even more demand!

GG and her husband Bill still currently reside in Buhl, with their 14 children (children and their spouses) and 15 beautiful grandchildren who all look forward every visit from Grandma Genja's delicious food and treats!

Cookies and Confections

Some of the incredible treats GG is known for are her beautiful cookie bouquets, candied apples, cheesecakes and cupcakes. Just when you think you knew what a treat tasted like, GG comes out with a variation that takes you for a loop! Call GG and she will find a way to take your taste buds for a ride!


GG is famous for her delicious whipped frosting and her mouthwatering fillings. Weddings, Baby showers, birthdays and baptisms, you name it, she's done it! Your event will take the cake with one of GG's incredible creations!


Your special event is made so much easier with GG's delicious catering. From reunions to weddings, we can conquer it all! Contact us to ask about menu options and pricing.

GG’s Cakes & Confections by Genja