Last week we told you about eight Halloween costumes for the ladies, and what they SUPPOSEDLY say about your personality. Today we've got an equally ridiculous analysis. This time it's from the geniuses at Only it's for GUYS.

#1.) SUPERHERO. According to, a superhero costume like Batman or Spider-Man might mean he has an old-school sense of gender roles . . . meaning he thinks the MAN should be the hero.

--On the other hand, he could also choose a superhero costume for the NOSTALGIA factor. He may be reminiscing about his childhood by dressing as his favorite comic book character. (--Or, it might not mean anything. Thanks!#

#2.) PIRATE. A guy who dresses as a pirate supposedly has a BAD BOY thing going on. He may be selfish in bed, and he's probably more of a player than a commitment guy. If you're looking for a quick fling, go for the pirate.

#3.) VAMPIRE. Guys who dress as vampires for Halloween think themselves to be a ladies man.

--They're just looking for an excuse to put their mouth on your neck, and will probably come on way too strong.

#4.) DEVIL. According to, the devil is usually the life of the party. He's fun, and sees himself as the one who's going to get things going.

--But there's also a chance he might take the devil stuff too seriously . . . and be a total WEIRDO. So be careful with guys dressed as devils.