We have all been in a public restrooms were you seriously consider going back outside and finding a big rock to hide behind. These restrooms are the kind of bathrooms where you remind yourself that as long as you don't touch anything you will be fine...at least you hope so.

Here's what we consider to be the Top 4 WORST bathrooms in Twin Falls:

The City Parks in Twin Falls - these bathrooms always have used paper on the bathroom floors, the toilets never seem to flush correctly and you can forget about actually sitting on the toilet seats because they are metal, which could be very HOT!

  • The Klover Klub - This bathroom is weird before you even get into it. There is a room leading to the actually bathroom...kind of like a holding stall for the next person in line. The actual bathroom has red broken tile, a bar of soap that has dirt in graved into it, no towels, missing doors on the vanity, and a chain lock which leaves a two inch gap so that everyone in the holding stall can see what is going on in the bathroom. It is TERRIBLE!
  • The Snack Shake in Shoshone - This little restaurant has amazing burgers and shakes, but if you are planning on using the restroom you should really consider driving down the street and using the gas station's restroom. The Snack Shake's restroom is the size of the smallest closet in the world, the toilet only flushes when it wants to, the Snake River looks better than the sink and the hand drying towel is a rotating towel that doesn’t look like it has been changed since they opened. Love the burgers, hate the bathroom!
  • Any Portable Toilets - Lets just say anything that doesn't flush and sits in the heat is GROSS!

What do you think? Where are the BEST bathrooms in town? It would make me so happy to know that there is public restroom in town that is clean.