My mom came into town the other day, and we wanted to try something new for lunch. We thought the sandwiches at Annie's Lavender and Coffee Cafe sounded good, so we decided to check it out.

As we pulled up to the shop, I noticed on their board outside that they had frozen mochas. Now I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but I love chocolate and had been craving a frozen hot chocolate for about a month. It's a shame Dairy Queen no longer offers this tasty treat, so I silently hoped that they would have one available.

After perusing their menu, I saw that they had hot chocolate but no frozen hot chocolate. While waiting in line, I mentioned to my mom that a frozen hot chocolate sounded good but that it wasn't on the menu. The family in front of us just happened to order four frozen mochas right then, and she replied, "That does look good, if it were chocolate." But she wasn't deterred. "We'll ask if he'll be willing to make a couple for us. If they make frozen mochas, why not frozen hot chocolate?"

Now the "he" to whom she was referring was a bubbly, energetic young man with a super-cute personality. You know, the kind who runs around doing everything with a smile, who says, "I'll be with ya in a minute, ladies!" as we walk through the door, and who, when he sees my five-month-old son in his carrier, calls out jovially, "Hi, baby!"  My mom figured he'd be up for the challenge.

When we asked him if he could, he looked at us questioningly for half a second, then replied, "Sure, I can try! Would you like regular or Mexican chocolate?" After hearing that Mexican chocolate is full of cinnamon and spices, we both went for that.

After the first sip of that cinnamony, chocolatey, frozen deliciousness, I knew I had made the right choice. That Mexican chocolate was so good! And it really would've been a shame to not freeze it. I felt a month's worth of craving melt away with each sip I took. Heaven!

So thank you bubbly guy of Annie's Lavender and Coffee Cafe for going the extra mile to appease the undeniable chocolate cravings of a couple of women spouting crazy ideas of frozen hot chocolate!