Okay, I'll admit it: This was the first year that I actually became lost in the annual CSI Corn Maze.

In my defense the 11 year olds ditched me and I was letting my 3 year old son Jack navigate, but this was the first time I couldn’t find the exit. It’s frustrating—not to the point where I needed to call 911 like that family in Massachusetts—but a lot of fun!

CSI’s Horticulture Club have outdone themselves this year. The maze is challenging and filled with dead ends—or as my son Jack called them “bad ends”—straw bales, and a lot of long, winding paths.

CSI’s Corn Maze is open every night through Halloween and admission this year has been dropped to $1 per person (kids 6 and under are still free). Food and refreshments including hamburgers, hotdogs, and sodas, and hot chocolates are sold at the entrance, and there’s a large fire to warm up to at the end of the maze.

And a word to the wise: as Halloween draws near, students are planning to “enhance” the maze’s scare factor. Last year they had a chainsaw wielding maniac. This year…? Who knows?

The CSI Corn Maze is north of the new Health Science Building on North College Road. Head over to our Events Calendar for more details.