It occurred to me tonight that my three year old son Jack will never know the world before Steve Jobs changed everything.

Jack knows how to make calls on my iPhone, play Angry Birds on his iPod touch, and can navigate his mom's iPad better than most adults I know. To him, everything is a touch screen and if it's not, it should be. Tonight while using Netflix to watch "Curious George" Jack was actually trying to press the on-screen buttons on the television like it was a giant iPad. To him, that's the way everything should work.

Should Jack's generation be re-dubbed the "iGeneration"?

Currently anyone born after the year 2000 is considered "Generation Z" because they are the Internet generation. But wouldn't that title actually fall to the "Millennials," those born after 1980? They were the ones that were born with the Internet readily available.

I fall into "Generation X." We are the generation following the mighty "Baby Boomers" and I can remember a time before computers were in our home and before the Internet was everywhere. It was a big deal to get computer time in school (on an old Apple IIe--God bless you Steve Jobs), and we didn't have one in our home until I was in junior high.

Jack will never know a time before any of Apple's iDevices. He won't know a time before interactive touch displays, and he won't know a time before any piece of media he could ever want could be beamed into his iPad, whenever, and wherever.

He is the "iGeneration."

What generation do you fall in?

  • 2000/2001-Present - Generation Z
  • 1980-2000 - Millennials
  • 1965-1979 - Generation X
  • 1946-1964 - Baby Boom
  • 1925-1945 - Silent Generation
  • 1900-1924 - G.I. Generation

What do you think? Should we change the name of Jack's generation to the "iGeneration" or leave it as it is?