Remember all of those years that you asked Santa for a real, working Lightsaber like the ones in "Star Wars"? Well, the jolly old elf never came through, did he? Lightsabers do not exist.

Or do they? A team of physicists have created a new form of matter that behaves like the Lightsabers we see in the movies!

A team of physicists at Harvard and MIT were experimenting with photons when they managed to get the particles to clump together to form a molecule, one that's unlike any other matter. And it behaves just like a Lightsaber.

Harvard physics professor Mikhail Lukin explains: "It's not an in-apt analogy to compare this to light sabers. When these photons interact with each other, they're pushing against and deflect each other. The physics of what's happening in these molecules is similar to what we see in the movies."

Unfortunately Lightsabers aren't going to be the must-have item this holiday season. The physicists aren't planning on building advanced weaponry with this new form of matter, but rather creating efficient quantum computers.

Still, a geek can dream.