I had to have a Furby Christmas of 1999. It was the "must-have" toy that year, and every store was sold out, and back ordered. No one had one of those annoying, gibberish talking little creatures, and that was why I had to have one. I paid over $100 for my Furby back then.

Hasbro Toys is hoping lightning will strike twice as they're releasing a brand new Furby for Christmas 2012.

It's already been named one of Toys R Us' Hot Christmas Toys, and this year's model features a number of improvements. The new Furby has LED eyes giving it a wider range of emotions, and its own app for iPhone and iPad that offers new ways to interact with the toy.

Originally $35, the new Furby costs $54.99.

I'm not sure what ever happened to my Furby. The last time I saw him, he was sitting on a shelf gathering dust. I think he muttered something about driving south and joining a traveling circus. Maybe he did.

Will the new Furby be under your Christmas tree this year?