If you think you're pretty responsible when it comes to saving energy and being good to the environment, think again.  Here are four ways from Cracked.com you're destroying the planet on the daily basis without even realizing it.

#1.)  By Keeping Your Electronics Plugged In.  Most gadgets like computers, cable boxes, and DVD players don't actually turn off.  They go into "sleep mode" and keep using energy.

It's not much, but it adds up.  According to one expert, the average household wastes about $200 a year on what they call "vampire energy."

#2.)  By Taking Birth Control.  The birth control pill works by flooding a woman's body with estrogen.  The problem is there's always a surplus of it, which ends up in her urine, and eventually in the sewage system.

That's all fine and good, until the estrogen makes it back into the waterways, where it gives male fish fertility problems . . . and sometimes even makes fish develop both male AND female sex traits.

According to studies done all across the United States, it's happening in one-third of our rivers.

#3.)  By Watering Your Lawn.  Most people realize it's a waste of water, but don't know how MUCH:  Combined, lawns in the U.S. take up about 50,000 square miles, which is three times the amount of space we use to grow corn.

And according to the National Wildlife Federation, 50 to 70% of our drinkable water is used to keep grass green and flowers blooming.

#4.)  By Using Extra-Soft Toilet Paper.  It's actually worse for the planet than owning an SUV.

The average American uses three times more toilet paper than people in most other countries.  About 50 to 75% of the toilet paper we use comes from virgin forests.  And only 2% of it is made from recycled wood.