Tax season is over, so it's time to start planning what you'll blow your refund check on.  According to a recent poll, most people are getting a refund this year but half of you are planning to use it to pay off bills.  I know, it's practical but it doesn't sound as fun as a new flat-screen, does it?

If you're in debt, then that's definitely the right move.  If you're not in debt, you should think about using your refund money to start an emergency savings account.

You're supposed to set aside enough to cover six months of expenses.  But a survey from last year showed that only 24% of us have that much saved up.  Here are four MORE smart ways to spend your refund.

#1.)  Pay for Something Upfront. Some insurance companies, daycares, and gyms offer a discount if you pay upfront instead of once a month, which saves you money in the long run.

#2.)  Save It for Christmas Presents. We're still eight months out, but you can get a lot of deals if you start buying early. And if you hang on to your refund money, you'll have cash on hand when there's a deal that's too good to pass up.

#3.)  Home Improvements. Spend your refund on things that either increase the value of your home, or save you money . . . like energy efficient windows, doors, or appliances.

#4.)  Family Memberships. Buy yearly passes to a museum or the zoo, and your kids will have something to do for the rest of the year.