If you think your boss is a jerk, we've got a list that might back you up on it.  It's six signs from Modern Man your boss doesn't know what he's doing.

1.)  No One in the Office Is Ever Brutally Honest with Them.  A good boss creates an atmosphere where you can tell them what you think about something, without feeling like you'll get yelled at.

Obviously you shouldn't challenge them constantly, but if you can't be honest SOMETIMES, it kills your morale.

2.)  No One Knows How They'll React to Bad News. If they're nice one minute then a jerk the next, they probably don't understand that everyone in the office feeds off their energy.

An inconsistent attitude tends to make people anxious and timid, which makes them less productive.  And in a recent poll, one in four people said their boss had actually damaged their self-esteem.

3.)  They Never Reward Their Employees. It's understandable when profits are down . . . which they probably are right now.  But even then, they should do SOMETHING every so often to keep morale up.

Even if it's just organizing a happy hour after a good week.

4.)  They Know All the Office Gossip. It's okay if they're social, and it's even okay if they feel like a friend.  But their main goal should always be to earn your respect.  And obviously spending half the day gossiping won't do that.