Everyone needs dating advice or someone to vent to once in a while.  Unfortunately, not everyone in your social circle is fair game.  Here are four people you should NEVER discuss your love life with . . .

1.)  Your Coworkers.  You're around these people all day, so it can be easy to spill a few details here and there.  But talking about your private life at work might rub some people the wrong way, so it's best to keep things professional.  

2.)  Friends Who Are Unhappy with Their Love Life.  Friends who aren't happy with their own love life are more likely to put yours down . . . because they're jealous, or they want you to stay single with them.

3.)  Your Ex.  This should go without saying, but talking with your ex is setting up your current relationship for disaster.  If you guys are still on good terms and they straight up ask you about your relationship, just be vague and change the subject.

4.)  Your Grandparents.  If you go to your grandparents with nothing but complaints, they're eventually going to start disliking the person you're with.