If you're like me, you hardly ever carry cash and you use your debit card for everything.

According to this report from ABC news, you're probably setting yourself up to get cleaned out..  Here are the four riskiest places to use a debit card and they're so common, it's scary.

  • Outdoor ATMs.  Basically, don't use an ATM at all if it's outdoors and out of the way.  Thieves will put a fake card reader over the real one, and copy the information on your card.  Then there's a little spy camera to record you entering your PIN.
  • Gas pumps.  Who doesn't use their card at the pump? This is the same trick, but it's even easier because so many gas stations are unattended at night.  Some owners have to check their pumps every single morning because they get hit so often.
  • Online stores.  Always use credit online, because credit cards have much better fraud protection.  Thieves can get information from your own computer using malware, hack into your wireless network, or steal info right from the merchant.  Again, the safest way to shop online is with a credit card.
  • Restaurants.  Every time you use plastic to pay at a restaurant, a stranger takes your card out of sight for five minutes or more.  You don't know that person.  They could be doing anything with your information back there.  Consider taking your ticket to the counter if they'll let you.