When I was a kid, I mucked stalls.  It's a job that requires constant work, responsibility and a certain amount of humility.  After all, you're cleaning up after giant poop machines.  We asked you which jobs build the most charter growing up.  Here are the top four.

1.  Mucking Stalls - It takes our #1 slot.  Not just because I did it, but because it had the most comments and the most calls.

2.  Picking Rock - It almost tied with mucking stalls.  It's hard.  'Nuff said.

3.  Newspaper Route - You have to be responsible and you have to get up really early.  You also have to collect your paycheck.  Trying to catch folks at home can be a challenge.

4.  Baby Sitting - You're being trusted with the care of someone's children.  It's a big transition going from the kid in the room to the virtual grown up.

Note:   We had a lot of calls and comments about the military and we couldn't agree more.  Nothing compares to those that choose to serve our country.