You already know that you're not supposed to trash your boss or post inappropriate photos on Facebook. But that's not the only way social media could hurt your career. According to MSN Living there are five ways you're at risk that you're not even thinking about.

1. If you're "liking" stuff all the time. It makes it look like you're wasting time, constantly on Facebook clicking the "like" button. And you probably already know this, but don't "like" anything remotely offensive... even if it's a joke.

2. Your profile pic. Hiring managers will look you up. And the people they hire generally have well-lit, professional-looking head shots. Not some blurry, obviously cropped picture from 10 years ago.

3. You're using one email address for everything. Don't use a casual sounding personal email address at work or on job applications.

4. You haven't set strict privacy settings on your account. You might think all your posts are tame and G-rated, but you still need to lock your account. If you don't, it makes you look irresponsible if someone checks.

5. Be careful of your friends. You need to be careful about your friends' interactions with you too. Watch out for them tagging you in inappropriate photos or writing stupid comments on your page. That makes you look bad.