Tax day is this Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 in Twin Falls and yes, nationwide.  That means your taxes are due!  So stop procrastinating and get your taxes done!


I write bearing gifts.  I've got five things to help you complete your taxes by tax day in Twin Falls.

File an Extension:

While an extension is just another form of procrastination, I suggest doing this if you have a lot of assets, if you are itemizing, and/or if you just need some more time.  If you do file an extension it still must be done by the tax due date (April 15th, 2014).  Find the tax extension form here.

File Online - Turbo Tax

This is how I file every year.  However, I don't have any assets   I don't itemize, but soon I will have a kid.  To be honest, my tax filing is so laid back right now, I loathe having to deal with complicating them, but I guess I should have thought of this before getting pregnant.  Stupid complicated taxes!

Extreme Last Minute Tax Filer - H & R Block

I just got off the phone with an H&R Block associate and I asked "How late will you be processing taxes on April 15th?"  She said, "till six o'clock that night."  WOW!  If you are the one who gets a rush from processing last minute taxes, H & R Block can help you with that....although I do not suggest waiting till the VERY last minute.  Do it now!

How Late Will the Post Office be Opened?

If you are going to wait till the very last minute, then your best bet is to hit up the Pioneer Station Post Office location on Fillmore Street, BEFORE seven o'clock Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 night.  If you go anywhere else, check pickup times and check to make sure you have enough posting.  If you don't, the IRS does not care, it will be late to them.

Taxes suck, times are hard, but just get your taxes done now and then you will have one less thing to stress about.  Hopefully this helps you.