Remember how your parents used to complain about how different things were "back when they were kids?" Times have changed. Here are the top five things you'll have to explain to your kids one day.

  1. There used to be "Smoking" and "Non-smoking" sections in restaurants. What they really should have called them was "Smoking" and "Second-Hand Smoking" sections.
  2. Why we used to buy maps made of paper, and how they were nearly impossible to re-fold. Seriously. Did you ever get one re-folded correctly? No.
  3. Unless you had a Polaroid, photos weren't instant. We had to take rolls of film to developers, wait until they were developed, pay for them, and then find out the photos were all blurry and horrible.
  4. Dialing *69.
  5. You used to have to memorize your friend's phone numbers and could only call them on a phone attached to the wall with a cord. Phones weren't mobile. Nor did they text. Or Facebook. Or Take photos. Why you spoiled little...

Our kids have no idea how good they have it. So the next time your son or daughter asks how you lived before iPhones, fought off dinosaurs for dinner, and what a CD was, just remember that you used to annoy your parents the same exact way.

I highly recommend checking out Buzzfeed's "25 Things You’ll Have To Explain To Your Kids One Day." Enjoy... then cry.