Clothing sales skyrocket around the holidays, so "Reader's Digest" talked to salespeople from around the country to find out the things they know, but won't tell us.  Here are the top five . . .

 #1.)  The Greeters at the Front of the Store Aren't Really Greeters.  They're there to make eye contact with you when you walk in the store, because studies have shown it makes people less likely to shoplift.

 #2.)  When You Ask if Something Looks Good on You, the Salesperson Will Never Say "No".  They'll just say "yes", then suggest you try something ELSE on.

 #3.)  Most of Them Don't Work on Commission, But They Might Still Have an Ulterior Motive.  At a lot of clothing stores the salesmen get bonuses, and eventually promotions, if they consistently sell enough stuff.

 --That's why they'll look at the pants you're buying, then suggest a sweater that matches.

  4.)  The Fitting Rooms Are Disgusting.  People stick gum under the seats, and some salesmen say they've even found DIRTY DIAPERS . . . meaning some people use changing ROOMS as changing STATIONS.

 #5.)  Their Biggest Pet Peeve Is Exactly What You Think It is:  It's when people mess up the stacks of t-shirts that took so long to fold.

 --Another one is when they bring a customer six different outfits in the dressing room, but then the person says "No" when the cashier asks if anyone helped.