Sony Pictures has given the world it's first glimpse of Andrew Garfield sporting Spider-Man's new blue and red tights:

In case you're wondering where Toby McGuire is, here's the scoop: McGuire didn't want to play the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler anymore if Sam Rami (the director of the first three films) didn't return. Sam Rami didn't return. So now we have an all new director, all new story, and an all new Spider-Man. This story will be a rehash of Spidey's origin story, but will focus more on young Peter Parker struggling with super powers while being in high school.

Stand back, I'm gonna geek out a bit...

Analysis: The suit looks like rubber. I don't like it. They've taken the 3D texture of the previous Spidey costume and blown it way out of proportion. Also, it looks like Ben Reilly's Spider-Man costume, not Peter Parker's. During the comic book hero's run in the 90's, Marvel introduced the Clone Saga, and it turned out that Peter Parker was a clone. Ben Reilly, who had been webbing around New York with amazingly similar powers to Parker under the guise of the Scarlet Spider turned out to be the real Peter Parker. So Peter Parker (the clone--are you keeping up?) retired and Ben Reilly took over as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. During his run as Spidey Reilly redesigned the red and blue and made it look much more femanine that previous incarnations.

Spider-Man is set to release July 3rd, 2012.