GARDEN VALLEY, Idaho (KTVB)- Fire crews continuing to battle the wildfires making up the Whiskey Complex caught a break Monday as cloudy skies and moisture slowed its growth.

But they worry the reprieve could be short-lived: Hotter, drier conditions returned Tuesday, and the blaze is still only 50 percent contained. Despite the grueling terrain, firefighters made good progress building containment lines in the southeast corner of the fire. They'll increase focus in that area Tuesday, as well as on the northern flank near Bunch Creek.

The lightning-sparked fire started July 13, and has burned more than 9,600 acres south of Garden Valley. Areas near the fire by Placerville, Centerville and Pioneerville remain closed. The South Fork Payette River Rd. is also closed between Alder Creek and Grimes Pass. The Hot Springs Campground is slated to re-open on Wednesday as the fire danger passes. Fire officials hope to have the complex totally contained by the end of the month.