Yep. Facebook is changing again.

At a press conference today Facebook demoed their new, enhanced News Feed. This feed has essentially been the same since 2006 and is the way we get all of our information from our friends, co-workers, relatives, and loved ones. As of late it's started to become rather cluttered.

Facebook is changing that today. Gone is the clutter and in its place is an emphasis on images and video. Facebook is calling it "vibrant new visuals to bring your news feed to life." It really looks to me like they took their inspiration from the mobile Facebook design and applied it to Facebook proper.

The photo albums have been revamped as well, and all the changes will be mirrored on the mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

The changes start rolling out today for all users. You can sign up to have access to the enhanced news feed early if you feel like being an early adopter (guinea pig).