We've already mentioned how Facebook can save your life. But Facebook can also end your marriage. Well, it can also kill you. From the NY Post:

A Long Island woman allegedly mowed down her cousin twice with a minivan after a Facebook-fueled catfight over a man -- leaving the victim helpless in the middle of a busy road on a freezing night, sources said. Giselle Penagos, 21, required emergency surgery Monday to fix a broken leg and shattered pelvis after she and her cousin Melanie Spanopoulos sparred viciously over a cyber-Casanova during a wild car ride.

The cousins were fighting after a potential love interest accepted Giselle's friend request, but not Melanie's. There's a reason to run over your cousin if I've ever heard one.

Why not just save us both a lot of trouble and fan 95.7 KEZJ on Facebook?