There was a big setback for stalkers yesterday.  The Facebook Breakup Notifier launched earlier this week... it's a free web app that tracked the relationship status of your Facebook friends, and alerted you the second one of them changed anything.

And it was a runaway success:  More than 3.5 million people signed up for the thing in a matter of days.

And anything that draws in those kinds of numbers is going to land on Facebook's radar, for better or worse.  In this case, it was worse . . . since Facebook has BANNED the Breakup Notifier.

They emailed Dan Loewenherz, the guy who founded the app, and told him that his app was taxing their system too much.

Not surprisingly, having 3.5 million people constantly checking the relationship status of their friends was bogging down the Facebook servers.

They also suggested they didn't love the content of his app and felt it might not, quote, "provide a positive user experience."

Dan says he's working with Facebook now to get the app running again, quote, "We're willing to comply with whatever they want us to do, within reason."

Via (TechCrunch)