Why is ConAgra Foods having this sale?
The ConAgra Foods truckload sale is a way for ConAgra to bring your favorite frozen brands to you at a discount and gives them an opportunity to try some of the newest items.

What’s with the donation?
Since 1999, ConAgra Foods has been donating food to Feeding America food banks across the country on a regular basis; to date, that is more than 328 million pounds of food. In 2013 alone, ConAgra donated the equivalent of 2.5 million meals per month to Feeding America.  And with this sale, they're helping to fill shelves at the Idaho Food Bank by donating one case for every three purchased.

What can I purchase at the sale?
ConAgra is offering a number of different close out items from popular frozen brands, including items like Banquet, Bertolli, P.F. Chang’s Home Menu, Marie Callender’s and Healthy Choice.  They're selling them by the case, with as many as 10 packages per case depending on the item.  The quantities of each product may vary at each location, so there could be limits on the number of cases.

What are the prices of each item?
Discounts are up to 65% off retail price, depending on the item.  Each case is $10, which includes all applicable sales tax and they're accepting cash only.

What do I need to attend the sale?
We strongly suggest everyone bring a wagon or cart to get product to and from their cars.  And remember, this is a cash only sale

What time is the sale open?
The sale opens to the public at 8 a.m. and will close at 1 p.m.  Get there early for the best selection.

Where is the location of the sale?

At ConAgra Lambweston - 732 Oak Street in Twin Falls