You might not realize it, but all day long people are accidentally quoting movies, TV shows, and books.  Here are eight pop culture references you make without realizing it .

1.  "Don't mess with Texas" comes from an anti-littering ad campaign.

2.  "Meh" was created by "The Simpsons".

3.  The word "nerd" was created by DR. SEUSS.  It's the name of a creature in his book "If I Ran the Zoo" from 1950.

4.  The concept of Big Brother watching us comes from GEORGE ORWELL'S "1984".

5.  "Be afraid, be very afraid" is from "The Fly" . . . the 1986 remake with JEFF GOLDBLUM and GEENA DAVIS.

6.  The phrase "Get it?  Got it?  Good." comes from a movie from 1956 called "The Court Jester".

7.  The name Wendy never existed before "Peter Pan".  J.M. BARRIE created it.

8.  The phrase "good riddance" comes from SHAKESPEARE'S "Troilus and Cressida".