Have you ever told yourslef that you were going to start exercising "On Monday?"  Yep. Monday. That's the day I'm going to undo years of bodily neglect.  Monday comes and lunchtime hits and you're elbow deep into a chili-cheese-dog.

  1.  He or she misses me just as much as I miss them.
  2.  I'm smarter and better than those guys, they're just lucky.
  3.  Life is going to change if I just wait, I don't have to do anything to make it happen.
  4.  I don't need a significant other, I'm happy alone.
  5.  I'm trying my hardest.
  6.  I'll start or quit on Monday. (My Favorite)
  7.  Everything will get better once I . . .
  8.  I'll get up early and do it tomorrow.

How many of those have you told yourself?