According to a survey from PR Newswire by a jigsaw-puzzle company called Buffalo Games, almost as many people play BOARD GAMES on Thanksgiving as watch football.  Here are eight facts about how people celebrate Thanksgiving:

1.)  64% of people say they'll watch football on Thanksgiving . . . and 56% say they'll play board games.

2.)  Nearly half of the people that host Thanksgiving begin preparing the dinner on the Monday or Tuesday of Thanksgiving week.

3.)  55% of Thanksgiving guests bring the host a gift . . . and 84% of the gifts are a dessert or side dish.

4.)  48% of hosts let someone else carve the turkey . . . usually their significant other.

5.)  41% of people will take a nap on Thanksgiving.

6.)  52% have a second helping of dinner.

7.)  One in three people say they like leftovers better than Thanksgiving dinner itself.

8.)  And 86% of guests say they help with cleaning up and washing dishes after Thanksgiving dinner . . . but 56% of hosts say they don't LET their guests help out.