I will be the first to admit that I am still learning when it comes to my children and our school systems. That being said, what is the proper procedure for dropping off your children at school? At High Schools I know there is a specific "Drop Off Zone" but at the elementary school my son attends there is a sign that says "No Stopping On Curb". Even though this sign is posted in three different spots the normal routine for most parents is to stop and let their children get out of the car along side of the curb instead of parking and walking their child across the parking lot.

I completely understand why parents are doing this. They need to get to work and it could be safer for the kids because they are not walking across a parking lot. I am just scared it is going to end badly one day because the parents that want to park but can't because of all the parents stopping on the curb are getting madder every day. I feel like I am watching a storm forming every time I see a parent that wants to park wait on a parent who stops in the middle of the parking lot to let their child out.