There's a trend in movies lately that's gone from cool, to campy, to downright annoying.  It's putting the FINAL clip or piece of the movie at the very end, right after the credits.  I think I first saw one of these during the end credits of Bugs Life.  It was a series of what were supposed to be outtakes from the film.  It was cute.  I think one of the Transformers movies had some outtakes on the "interviews" with Sam's Parents.  More recently, there was Thor's hammer at the end of Iron Man 2, a mysterious figure after The Avengers, Yellow Sinestro at the tail of Green Lantern and now this little nugget (fans call them "Easter Eggs") at the end of Spider-Man that leaves you guessing about who the villain will be in the next film.

I think these short scenes at the end of movies have outlived their usefulness.  I want the movie to be over when it's over.  When the credits roll, can't the movie just be over... I'm mean really over?  Hollywood, if you're listening.  I don't care who the grip is and I don't want to sit through ten minutes of credits to watch the "real" ending to the movie.

Then again, I suppose I could just settle for leaving the movie at the credits and looking up the post credit clip on youtube.  Spoiler Alert!  Don't watch this if you haven't seen the movie.