GQ" magazine just published the results of a survey asking women which qualities make up the "IDEAL MAN."

They found nine characteristics that are NECESSARY, and four that are pretty important but not crucial.  So if you want to start working your way toward becoming Ryan Gosling, here's how.

 The Nine Necessary Qualities:  Honesty . . . kindness . . . intelligence . . . a good sense of humor . . . blue eyes . . . the ability to speak two languages . . . being a romantic, as opposed to being good in bed . . . NOT being a vegetarian . . . and being a good listener.

The Four Pretty Important, But Not as Important, Qualities:  A European car . . . a job that requires you to wear a suit to work . . . a degree . . . and being clean shaven.

So you can work on most of them . . . although having blue eyes is kinda out of your hands.  Otherwise, learn a language, stop being a vegetarian, buy a Volvo, shave, listen once in a while, and you're golden.