No one from Apple has confirmed this rumor . . . at least no one who's alive . . . so take it for what it's worth.  But according to "Fortune" magazine, they were told by a former Apple employee that STEVE JOBS has cancer.

That employee was Jerry York, who was a director at Apple.  He died last March.  He told the reporter about Jobs having cancer, off the record.  Now that he's died, "Fortune" says it's fine for them to break that off-the-record agreement and report this.

According to York, Jobs had pancreatic cancer in 2004 and took a leave of absence.  In 2009, the cancer came back and he went to Basel, Switzerland to have it treated.

On Monday, Jobs took another medical leave from Apple.  Nobody has said when he will return. The survival rate today on neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer is 55% to 57%.  When Jobs first got cancer in 2004, it was only 20%.

Apple has not said anything about Jobs' condition.  When they announced his leave yesterday, Apple's stock dropped 2%.  It rebounded yesterday when they announced they made a record $6 BILLION profit last quarter.