CBS is known as the "Eye Network" . . . so it would be ironic if they were the ones who BLINKED in the staring contest with CHARLIE SHEEN, right?  But that might be what happened.

There are reports all over the World Wide Web of Misinformation that CBS is trying to get Charlie back on "Two and a Half Men".  And CBS President Les Moonves . . . who's been the target of some of Charlie's TRUTH TORPEDOES . . . is even involved.

Sources say he's been speaking with people at Warner Brothers TV about re-hiring Charlie.  Warner Brothers produces the show, and they're the ones who actually canned him.

He's also spoken to "Two and a Half Men" creator CHUCK LORRE, telling him, quote, "Let us handle Charlie."

Why does CBS want Charlie back so badly?  Because he's WINNING.  Duh.  (???)

One source says, quote, "They saw how popular his tour has become, how it has been selling out, and when word spread that he started talking to Fox about a late-night show, some decision-makers got a little antsy."

 Obviously, Charlie's return depends almost entirely on whether or not he and Lorre can work together again after all the HATRED that's been spewed between them over the last few months.  (--Mostly from Charlie.  At least publicly.)

We assume Charlie would also have to drop his $100 million lawsuit against Lorre and Warner Brothers.

 Charlie may not be looking to return to CBS, though.  Yesterday, he dropped a Tweet that made it sound like he's serious about heading to Fox.

 He said, quote, "#Foxball; Perhaps a new lair.....? A Fox and a Warlock? epic. ybw c."  It was followed by a link to a picture of a Fox logo.  (--You can see it here.)

Meanwhile, he seemed pretty welcome on ABC last night . . . he appeared as an unscheduled guest on "Jimmy Kimmel Live", interrupted Jimmy's interview with billionaire MARK CUBAN . . . and kissed Jimmy on the lips.  (--Charlie has talked to Cuban about doing a show on his cable network, HDNet.  Here's  the video.)

 After he soaked up a ton of applause, he autographed the BRETT DENNEN album on Jimmy's desk and gave it to someone in the audience . . . before Jimmy'd had a chance to introduce Dennen as the musical guest.

 Then he did a really brief, not-that-crazy interview . . . tossed out a bunch of t-shirts with stuff like "winning" and "tiger blood" on them . . . and gave Jimmy a mug with a fox on it, which was obviously a reference to his recent talks with Fox.