According to the National Household Travel Survey, 75% of parents now drive their children to school.  In 1969, it was only 15%.

 And parents drive their kids even though at least half of the school-age children in this country live within two miles of their schools.

 In a lot of cases, parents do it because they're worried about their children walking . . . they're afraid their kids will get hit by cars, bullied, approached by predators, or all of the above.

 But there's another reason the number has gone up, and it's not related to 'helicopter parenting' . . . you know, where parents are always 'hovering.'

 It's because there are more two-car families now than there were in 1969, so there's a car available to drive the kids to school.

And even though half of kids live within two miles of their schools . . . the kids who don't live within two miles of the school often live further away than kids a few decades ago, so driving them is a faster option than having them take the bus.