According to Bankrate banks now charge an average of $2.40 for non-customers to use their ATMs, which is a record high for ATM fees.   That's a 3% increase from last year, when the $2.33 average fee was a record high.  In fact, ATM fees have hit a record high each of the last seven years.

Ten years ago, the average fee was more than a dollar lower, at $1.36.

The ATM fees that banks charge their own customers was unchanged, at $1.41.  But that means that if you use an out-of-network ATM, you get hit with both fees, for a total of $3.81.

The city that charges the most to use an ATM is Denver, Colorado.  Non-customer fees are 35 cents higher than the average, at $2.75.

San Diego isn't far behind at $2.70, and neither is Houston, at $2.69.  The top five is rounded out by Seattle, at $2.63 and New York, at $2.60.

The best place to use an ATM is the Midwest:  Four of the five cheapest ATM fees are there.

Cleveland, at $2.06, is 34 cents below the national average.  Minneapolis, at $2.15, is next.

Tampa's ATMs charge an average of $2.19.   Chicago charges $2.20, and Cincinnati is at $2.22.

Do you think ATM fees are to high and will you go out of your way to avoid them?